Discover the true, magical Kenya! For unforgettable memories

Here I am. Where I belong
– Baroness Karen Blixen –

Most people immediately associate Kenya with a safari in Africa. No wonder. After all, it’s the country that has marketed the most in the past and unfortunately also far too often available at bargain prices in the price war.

However, Kenya is completely different from what is advertised to us in brochures from discounters. Kenya is a gem waiting for travelers to fully reveal all of its wonderful facets and showcase its beauty.


On a private trip, with a German-speaking guide or in a small group. Kenya fascinates!

Why Kenya? Here are 12 reasons why Kenya will inspire you:

1. Wide range of flights for Nairobi and Mombasa Airport
Kenya can be reached quickly and easily. Either by direct flight or with only one stopover. Good flights to Kenya can be booked from as little as 500 euros!

2. Masai Mara – The Great Migration
Witness the migration of millions of ungulates as they make their way through the Masai Mara! When is really the best time to travel? Call us. We tell you!

3. Many national parks can be combined in just one trip
Hardly any other country offers the chance to visit so many national parks in just one trip like Kenya. All are different and offer different focuses. The combination makes the difference!

4. Mount Kilimanjaro Views in Amboseli National Park
Surely you know her. The beautiful pictures of Mount Kilimanjaro. At best with elephants in the foreground. These arise in the Amboseli National Park, where acacia forests, swamps and savannas characterize the landscape.

5. Brilliant for a combination of safari and beach holiday
A safari is not only beautiful, but also exhausting. That’s why most of our customers choose a mix between safari travel on the mainland and the dream beaches on the mainland of Kenya. Do you already have a hotel request for Diani, Malindi or Watamu Beach? bring it on! We plan your dream travel combination.

6. Cordiality and hospitality
On your journey through Kenya you will see one thing above all: waving and laughing people on the side of the road. You will be able to feel the joy of visitors from all over the world with every encounter with the local population with all cordiality.

7. Real “Out of Africa” feeling
A safari in mobile, luxuriously equipped tent camps is reminiscent of excerpts from the film “Out of Africa” with Robert Redford and Meryl Streep.

8. Extremely high density of big cats
On your safari in the Masai Mara you will notice the high density of big cats. Lions, cheetahs, leopards… Which months have the best chance of seeing these fantastic animals? You will find out in the personal consultation with Afrikascout!

9. The original Africa
Anyone who has only traveled to the southern part of Africa before will notice the difference immediately. The infrastructure is bad, as are the roads. Time has stood still here. A real, authentic Africa experience: This is Africa!

10. Diani Beach
It is one of the most beautiful beaches in Kenya! Relax on snow-white beaches with clear, turquoise water. Snorkelers and divers also get their money’s worth here. Beach bars invite you to linger. So don’t stay in your hotel, but go out and discover the surroundings.

11. Lake Nakuru National Park
A rather small park, but extremely rich in species! Famous for its rhino population and – depending on the season – huge flocks of flamingos.

12. Elsa`s kopje
The Meru National Park in northern Kenya offers an extremely large variety of wildlife and birds. Elsa’s Kopje is also located here. The hill got this name because the lioness Elsa lived here, from the film “Born free”. A luxury lodge far removed from the mainstream.


Do you love adventure, extraordinary animals and breathtaking landscapes?
Then join us on our wonderful journeys and discover the beauty of Africa.
You alone decide how you want to experience Africa… In small groups, individual with or
without a guide, as a self-driver by car or motorbike, with the family, as a single or as a couple…
We, as professionals with 25 years of Africa experience, plan your dreams!

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