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Madagascar, the island of wonders

Wander through tropical rainforests, explore mist-shrouded mountains and discover sprawling thornbush savannahs. Madagascar is unique – literally! Because the lemurs that do gymnastics in front of the camera lens you will not discover anywhere else in the world in the wild. Like many other animals and plants, they are only found on Madagascar, the island of natural wonders. Welcome to a wonderful journey of discovery in a natural paradise!

Why Madagascar will inspire you:

Lemurs, tenrecs, Malagasy hippos and the world’s rarest waterfowl, the Bernie ducks, are just a few of the species found exclusively in Madagascar. New species are still being discovered today! From deep rainforest to steep cliffs and arid savannas to tropical palm trees bordering the Indian Ocean, Madagascar has a lot to offer. Here you can experience everything: hiking in the highlands, cultural encounters, unforgettable wildlife observations, uniquely beautiful nature, relaxing on the beach, snorkeling, exploring the rainforest, in the thorny semi-desert and in mountainous tropical forests, hidden ruins… all on one island!

Where is Madagscar and what are its special features?

Madagascar is a huge island nation off the coast of Mozambique. Many of the animal species that live here are only found in Madagascar, for example the lemurs. The landscape of the country is very varied: bizarre, high mountain formations, lush rainforests and beautiful beaches with tropical palm trees. It is a land of contrasts with heavy rains and flash floods in the rainforests in the east and often months of drought in the south and west of the island. The unique animal and plant world is based on the history of the island. Continental drift, volcanism and the climate have left their mark, isolating the island early on and creating a unique ecosystem.

The best time to travel: What is the weather like in Madagascar?

The climate in Madagascar is tropical. A distinction is made between the temperate highlands in the center of the island, the dry south-west and the humid, humid forest on the east coast. Winter is dry and warm and lasts from May to October, summer is hot and humid. The average temperature is 28 °C. The best time to travel to Madagascar is February, March and April as well as October and November. Then it is pleasantly warm. You can travel to the west and south of Madagascar all year round, it is usually dry here. In the highlands it can get cold at night from June to August, so you should be prepared with the right clothing.

Madagaskar – Schönheit des Südens

Von Antananarivo bis Antananarivo
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Madagaskar – Highlights des Nord-Ostens

Von Antananarivo bis Antananarivo
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Tour-Nr: Mada-NO-Lo
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Madagaskar – Lemuren und Regenwälder

Von Antananarivo bis Antananarivo
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Tour-Nr: Mada-Lo
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Who lives there in Madagascar?

About 26.3 million people live in Madagascar. They probably originally come from Indonesia and Africa. The country was a French colony from 1885 to 1960, which is why the official language is French alongside Malagasy.

Travel Tips and Sights: The Highlights of Madagascar.

  1. Andasibe Mantadia National Park

The lemurs are at home here! From the small Goodman mouse lemurs to the Indri Indris, plus chameleons, orchids and much more. The evergreen tropical national park is located in eastern Madagascar. A canoe trip through the Vakona Reserve is also wonderful.

  1. Isalo National Park

High sandstone mountains line up in the southern highlands of Madagascar and invite you to a great hike. You can discover clear streams, green oases, natural pools and much more here. And you are not alone, red-eyed ring-tailed lemurs and white larvaed sifakas also live here. The park is absolutely impressive at sunset, when the evening sun bathes the rocks in a bright red light!

  1. Tsingy de Bemaraha

The “stone forest” in this bizarre karst landscape looks like it’s from another world. The “Tsingys”, needle-shaped limestone, can reach up to 130 meters into the sky. A landmark of the rocky western region of Madagascar that has graced many illustrated books and catalogues. Here you can look for shells and fossils, conquer suspension bridges or discover natural swimming pools. In addition, grottos, caves and gorges are waiting to be explored by you.

  1. baobab ballroom

Centuries-old baobab trees line your way to the bustling capital Antananarivo.

  1. Ambohimanga

The ancient royal seat of the Merina, the oldest royal house in Madagascar, is a place full of mysteries. It is located near the capital city of Antanarivo and is tucked away on a sacred hill among hills. This place is also called the “Hidden City”. The wall that surrounds this city has seven entrance gates and the site is still a religious and cultural center today.

  1. Ranomafana National Park

Reptiles, civets, prosimians, amphibians, plus endemic bird species and an evergreen, tropical rainforest. Since the area is a volcanic area, there are also numerous thermal springs here.

  1. Antanarivo

In the lively capital you should definitely visit the Zoma, the market for everything and the old royal palace.

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