Seychelles: Your vacation in paradise

Powder-sugar white palm beaches, picturesque beautiful landscapes: If you are looking for a dream holiday in paradise, sooner or later you will end up on the Seychelles and its most beautiful beaches in the world! Warm, turquoise water, endless white sandy beaches and the rustling of palm trees on secluded natural beaches: nowhere else are there so many dream beaches to discover as on the Seychelles.

That’s why the Seychelles will inspire you

You can rely on the good weather here, it almost never gets colder than 28° C and the islands are spoiled by the sun. Especially when we freeze here in winter, the Seychelles are the perfect dream destination for your beach holiday. The Seychelles are also ideal after your safari in Africa – relax on picture-perfect beaches and enjoy this tropical paradise. Make your dream vacation come true – in the Seychelles!

Where are the Seychelles and what are the special features?

The island nation of Seychelles is a group of 115 islands in the Indian Ocean off the east coast of Africa. They are divided into the Inner Islands and the Outer Islands. There are fantastically beautiful sandy beaches, colorful coral reefs and beautiful nature reserves as far as the eye can see. Whether honeymoon, honeymoon, beach holiday after your safari in Africa or just a wonderful beach holiday: the Seychelles will inspire you! The well-known and popular holiday islands around the main island of Mahé all belong to the Inner Islands. Among the Outer Islands, the Aldabra Atoll is best known as the home of the famous Aldabra giant tortoises. Payment is made in Seychellois rupees.

Anyone who thinks that the Seychelles are only perfect for a beach holiday is wrong. The islands of Mahe, La Digue and Praslin in particular offer travelers a variety of attractions. Each of these islands has its own charm – while in the north you can discover predominantly mountainous, lush islands with granite rocks, in the south you will find flat, colorful coral islands.

The best travel time: The climate and the best travel time for the Seychelles

The best time to travel to the Seychelles is in April or from October to November. The monsoon brings a lot of rain from December to March. From May to September it is often stormy but dry. It’s constantly around 30° C all year round, so you can leave your winter jacket at home and soak up the sun. If you want to experience the full splendor of this paradise, the best time to travel to the Seychelles is in January or February. During this time, the islands receive the much-awaited rains due to the monsoons, which cause rivers and streams to swell and flowers to bloom in full bloom. Rainfall can also increase in December and January.

Who lives there in the Seychelles?

The ancestors of today’s population, the Seychellois, come from Africa, China, Europe and India. Their languages blended into their own variant of the Creole language, spoken as “Selselwa” in the Seychelles today. English and French are also understood almost everywhere.

Travel tips and sights: The highlights for your Seychelles vacation

  1. Mahe
    Mahé is the main island and the largest island in the Seychelles. Here you can spend a varied holiday with fantastically beautiful beaches, lush nature and the lively capital Victoria.
  2. Praslin
    The second largest island in the archipelago is one of the most popular destinations for a paradise holiday in the Seychelles. Postcard motif included: The sandy beach of Anse Lazio looks like something out of a picture book. The Vallée de Mai is one of the only two places where the Seychelles palm (Coco de Mer) grows.
  3. La Digue
    One of the most famous postcard motifs from the Seychelles comes from La Digue: the granite rocks on the sandy beach of Anse Source D’Argent. Depending on the travel time, it can get crowded here. It is quieter on the east coast in Grand Anse and Petite Anse.
  4. seclusion in paradise
    Do you like it quiet and secluded? Then opt for the smaller islands, for example North Island, Denis, Bird Island or Silhouette. Since there is sometimes only one hotel here, it is correspondingly more expensive. Day trips here are also available on the inter-island passenger ferries.
  5. Victoria, capital of Mahé
    Visit the beautiful botanical gardens in Victoria, see the English Clock Tower from the time of Queen Victoria and visit the Natural History Museum to learn more about the flora and fauna of the Seychelles. Victoria is also a great place to learn about Creole cuisine or shop for souvenirs such as coconut oil, jams, clothing and local spices.
  6. Diving, snorkeling and water sports
    You can go surfing, kite surfing, parasailing or water skiing anywhere in the Seychelles. On diving trips you can get to know the fascinating underwater world, with tropical fish, sea turtles, rays, squid, manta rays, gray sharks, white and black tip reef sharks, coral reefs, crystal clear views and an indescribable underwater flora. Many of the dive centers are run by experienced divers who are happy to provide information about water conditions and the best dive sites. Optimal conditions for diving are in the period from September to mid-December and from March to May, as these months have the best visibility under water with up to 30 m. Do you prefer snorkeling? Then the Morne Seychellois National Park on Mahé is the place for you.
  7. Hiking and trekking tours
    Hikers get their money’s worth in the Seychelles. There are many beautiful hiking tours on the many granite islands with massive mountain massifs and lush rainforest. It is best to book a tour with an experienced guide who will also be happy to explain rare animal species and plants to you. Due to the tropical climate, it is advisable to start hiking in the early morning hours. There are some popular hiking routes on Mahé – starting at the Sans Souci Road with a climb to the Trois Frères or up to the summit plateau of the Copolia – these hiking routes are easily walkable and suitable for everyone. Praslin also has some fantastic hiking trails – here you can walk from coast to coast via the Salazie Track and take in the breathtaking scenery of this island. Holidaymakers can also find circular walks of this kind on La Digue.

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