Here you can find out why you should book your trip with real Africa professionals with heart and soul:

As an Africa adventure travel manufacturer , we create life-changing trips for our customers from Germany, Austria and Switzerland every day. Our mission is to open a new chapter in your life together with you, our detailed, profound knowledge and the endless variety of opportunities that the African continent offers us all.

Depending on what you would like to experience on your trip, we will plan a small group trip, a private trip with your own guide, a camping trip for adventurers, a self-drive trip, family trip, hiking trip, motorcycle trip, sports trip or barrier-free trips for people with disabilities. Everything is possible!

With Afrikascout you do not book a “holiday”.
Book the safari of your life with Afrikascout!

Zimbabwe: An elephant within reach. A feeling that cannot be described in words. Make it your experience!

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We book you the safari of your life!

We know Africa! Personally. Not from the catalogue

We are thoroughbred travel consultants and Africa professionals! Our team has been traveling Africa for many years and knows all itineraries personally. This is the only way we can guarantee that we are always up to date and always have the latest highlights ready for you if you contact us with questions or requests.

With Afrikascout you do not book any assumptions.
At Afrikascout you book real experiences!

Botswana: The sun sinks on the horizon…
After a fantastic day on safari, you sit around the campfire and review the day with like-minded people.

Can you feel the magic? Do you hear the crackling of the fire and the beginning of the chirping of the crickets?

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We’ll find out what’s really good for you! Every person is different. Younger, older, brave, fearful, open, closed, straight forward or rather shy…. Due to our many years of experience with travelers to Africa, we have a very good intuition and knowledge of human nature, which enables us to put together the right dream trip for you together with you.

With Afrikascout you do not book as a stranger.
With Afrikascout you book as part of our Afrikascout family.

Botswana: Traveling by boat in the Okavango Delta.
As soon as the engine is switched off and the water has calmed down, it becomes still. You automatically fall devoutly into whispering mode. Tip for adventurers: Without a motor, you can experience the delta with a real mokoro in an absolutely authentic way. A dugout boat. Have courage! Your local guides are with you. Get out of your comfort zone and enjoy Africa with heart pounding.

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Become part of our Africa scout community

reverence for life! Or stay at home

“The reverence for life that we human beings must attain encompasses everything that can be considered love, devotion, compassion, shared joy, shared striving.” (Albert Schweitzer)

Respect for creation and the dignity of all living beings are at the heart of our philosophy.

Animal and environmental protection projects, not only in Africa, have the highest priority for us. See also our section “animal and nature conservation”.

We have therefore always reserved the right to reject travel inquiries if we notice that our basic values are not compatible with those of the prospective customer.

With Afrikascout you do not book a “pet lion”.
At Afrikascout you book honest enlightenment!

Jungle in East Africa: A little baby gorilla looks thoughtfully through the green thicket…
This is how close you will be to the last of their kind on a gorilla tracking trip in Uganda or Rwanda. And yet far enough away not to harm them.

We are guests in Africa. We can be part of one of the last paradises on earth.

It is our duty not only to understand this, but to internalize it. @istockphoto

Loyalty and mutual respect, combined with a very high standard of satisfaction for our mutual customers. That connects us for many years with our local partner companies in Africa . Our partners in the respective countries are, like us, absolute professionals (sometimes market leaders within their branch) and often have decades of experience! These are the most important basics for your successful safari.

With Afrikascout you don’t book with strangers.
With Afrikascout you book with specialists!

South Africa: On a foot hunt with trained rangers, you will enjoy being particularly close to the wild animals of Africa. Excitingly different! And yet it feels completely normal to be on foot without the protection of a vehicle. We Europeans often just think too much. People in Africa live dealing with wild animals on a daily basis. Don’t you want to try it? Your courage will be rewarded, because you will see: It is an indescribably beautiful experience and writes the most beautiful stories for the campfire in the evening.


Professionals in Germany & professionals in Africa

You’re different? never mind Warm welcome

“When God created the world, he gave the time to the Africans and a clock to the Europeans” This is a well-known wisdom that makes it very clear that Europeans and Africans not only live far away from each other, but also very likely have very different attitudes to life.

Just stay relaxed if things don’t go the way you are used to in Europe in Africa.

Africa is the land of adventurers. The discoverer! It is traveled by open, humorous, patient and frugal people.

Simply exchange the usual “luxury” from Europe in Africa. In freedom, in millions of stars in the night sky and people and landscapes that will touch you deeply.

Be ready to open your heart and your life will change on your journey. Promised!

With Afrikascout you book no reservation.

With Afrikascout you book our directness and honesty, because only then will you become a happy and long-standing Afrikascout fan.