Discover Zambia! A country far from mass tourism, with exquisite, extraordinary safaris…

Zambia! The jewel for Africa lovers

One of the highlights in Zambia are the walking safaris in the South Luangwa National Park, where you can roam the wilderness on foot together with your very well-trained guide.

If this is a little “too close” to the wild animals, you will also get your money’s worth on the game drives.

Often you will feel as if you were all alone with your safari vehicle, because Zambia is still a real insider tip in Africa.

However, this will most certainly change in the coming years.


On a private trip, with a German-speaking guide or in a small group. Zambia impressed!

Why Zambia? Here are 12 reasons why Zambia will inspire you:

1. Travel to Zambia quickly and easily
Zambia is easy and uncomplicated to reach. Simply fly out of Germany in the evening and, after just one stopover, land in Livingstone or Lusaka by noon the next day. There you will be welcomed by your hosts and the journey can begin…

2. The Victoria Falls – UNESCO World Heritage Site
In the border area between Zambia and Zimbabwe you can experience the largest waterfalls in Africa. They can be admired all year round, with the highest water level being reached in April/May. Good rain gear and camera protection is essential when visiting as the spray can be very strong. An absolute “MUST SEE”.

3. Mosi-O-Tunya National Park
Mosi-O-Tunya National Park stretches directly along the upper reaches of the Zambezi from Victoria Falls to about twelve kilometers upstream and offers good opportunities for spotting wildlife such as antelope, zebra, giraffe, elephant and even rhino. If you are in Livingstone, it is worth a day visit.

4. A paradise for individualists
The lack of infrastructure in Zambia has ensured that so far there have been no large tourist flows. The country is absolutely not designed for mass tourism. Lodges and camps are small and designed for only a few visitors. The beauty of Zambia therefore attracts individualists who visit the untouched landscape and animal-rich nature reserves via fly-in or with a private guide.

5. Unique and unforgettable walking safaris
The guides within Zambia are among the best in Africa. Together with them you will experience the flora, fauna and wild animals up close on a walking safari (also bookable for several days from camp to camp).

6. Unique and only in Zambia! The flying fox phenomenon
Surely you have already seen this spectacular natural spectacle on television. When an estimated 10 million fruit bats gather in Kasanka National Park in November-December to harvest the fruit from the trees on just a few square kilometers? Be there and right in the middle! We have the right safari for you.

7. Kafue National Park
It is Zambia’s largest national park and offers fantastic game drives, walking safaris and boat safaris. A stay should last several days so that the journey is worthwhile. Wonderful, exclusive luxury lodges are located on the banks of the Kafue River and invite you to linger.

8. Zambia’s famous “Devil’s Pool”
We Africa scouts have not tested it and certainly will not test it. For many travelers, however, a dip in the Devil’s Pool between September and December is the highlight of their trip. It lies 110 meters directly on the abyss of the Victoria Falls and only a rock face protects against falling into the depths….

9. South Luangwa National Park
The camps and lodges on the Luangwa River offer everything from camping to luxury and are fortunate to be located in the most animal-rich region of Zambia. You can really see all the animals here. Often also in the middle of the camp! You will find the best guides in the country here in South Luangwa National Park.

10. Out and about in the dark of night
A game drive at night, which is allowed in Zambia, in contrast to many other African countries, is exciting. Go on a journey of discovery and follow the light of the searchlight with your eyes…

11. A great mix! Zambia and Malawi
We can highly recommend a trip combination of Malawi and Zambia. Malawi offers fantastic landscapes and the Lake Malawi “Lake of Stars” with crystal clear water and activities such as diving, canoeing, sundowner boat trips and much more to complete the exciting safari days in Zambia with relaxation and enjoyment.

12. Warmth and hospitality
On your journey through Zambia you will see one thing above all: people waving and laughing on the side of the road. You will be able to feel the joy of visitors from all over the world with every encounter with the local population with all cordiality.


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