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Kenya, the pearl of Africa and home of the safari

Wide savannahs, an endless wealth of animals – Kenya is rightly considered the homeland of safaris. Feel the magic up close, about which legendary films like “Out of Africa” or “The White Maasai” tell. Discover the vastness of the wilderness, East African coffee plantations and many beautiful landscapes: from the dream beaches on the Indian Ocean to the wild savannahs to the impressive plateaus and mountains on the East African Rift Valley.

This is why a safari in Kenya will inspire you:

With its numerous national parks and large number of wild animals, Kenya is the perfect destination for your safari holiday! Major safari destinations include the Masai Mara, Amboseli Park, Tsavo National Park, Samburu National Park, known for its leopards and Nairobi National Park, just 20 kilometers from Nairobi city centre. You can even follow in the footsteps of Karen Blixen, who owned “a farm at the foot of the Ngong Mountains.” Yes, we are talking about her autobiographical story “Out of Africa”. In Nairobi, for example, there is the Karen Blixen Museum. There you can see what the Danish writer’s farm looked like.

Where is Kenya and what are the special features?

Kenya is almost twice the size of Germany and is located in East Africa. It borders South Sudan, Ethiopia, Somalia, Uganda and the Indian Ocean. In the south lies Tanzania. This is where the Kenyan Masai Mara meets the Tanzanian Serengeti, an area where millions of ungulates migrate each year in search of food and water. This animal migration is called “The Great Migration”. But not only unforgettable safaris in the numerous national parks await you here, but also fantastically beautiful beaches and colorful coral reefs of the Indian Ocean. Above all towers the second highest mountain in Africa, Mount Kenya at 5,194 meters.

The best travel time: When is the best travel time for your Kenya safari?

Humidity and temperatures of 25 to 30° C are rather high, especially on the coast. The rainy season lasts from around mid-October to mid-December and from the end of March to the end of June. Then – as is usual in a rainy season – it can rain heavily in the hinterland and on the coast.
The best time to travel to Kenya is from mid-December to mid-March. Then it is nice and warm and dry here. The dry period from July to August is also ideal for safaris, when you also have a good chance of experiencing the great animal migration.

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Who lives in Kenya?

About 40 different peoples live in Kenya, and they speak almost more different languages. Most of the peoples belong to the Bantu peoples. Only about 10 percent of the population still lives nomadic lives in the savannas. They include, for example, the Turkana around Lake Turkana. They are usually fishermen and boat builders. The Maasai are also often semi-nomadic and live mostly in the Masai Mara area. They migrate through the savannas and are among the best-known people in Kenya, although they only make up around 2 percent of the population.
Almost all peoples of Kenya still live very close to nature and maintain old traditions.

Travel Tips and Attractions: The Highlights of Kenya.

1. Maasai Mara
Pure safari feeling: The Masai Mara (also: Maasai Mara) is one of the most important wildlife sanctuaries in Africa. Open, wide grasslands offer the perfect view of the numerous wildlife that live here, such as lions, zebras, antelopes, elephants and giraffes. In the summer months, millions of ungulates can be seen here, migrating from Tanzania to Kenya and back every year during the great animal migration. The river crossing over the Mara is a rare natural spectacle!

2. Amboseli National Park
Ambosili National Park is one of the smallest and oldest national parks in Kenya. From here you also have a wonderful view of Mount Kilimanjaro in neighboring Tanzania – a breathtaking backdrop for the legendary large elephant population in Amboseli National Park. You can also observe numerous lions, hyenas, giraffes and wildebeests on your safari trip here.

3. Tsavo National Park
Have you ever seen red elephants on your safari? In Kenya, or rather in the Tsavo National Park, this is possible: the red laterite soil there is responsible for the “red elephants”. Numerous lions, zebras, hippos, giraffes, leopards and about 500 species of birds also love here.

4. Mount Kenya
Mount Kenya or (also: Mount Kenya) is the second highest mountain in Africa. Discover the sacred peak of the volcano, which is around three and a half million years old. The summit is covered in snow and ice all year round – a breathtaking experience for mountaineers and nature lovers!

5. Nairobi National Park
Giraffes in front of a big city skyline? This is only available in Nairobi National Park. It is only 20 km from the city center and is the oldest national park in Kenya. The park is not only home to numerous gazelles, zebras and antelopes, but also a well-known sanctuary for Kenya’s rhinos. It is also home to the David Sheldrik Wildlife Trust, an orphanage for baby elephants that are hand-reared here.

6. Diani Beach
Kenya is not only a paradise for safaris, it also lies directly on the Indian Ocean. And believe us, the beaches are truly heavenly! Diani Beach is 35 km south of Mombasa. White sandy beaches lined with palm trees, beautiful reefs and fantastically beautiful hotels and villas – a perfect beach holiday awaits you here after your Kenya safari!

7. Tiwi Beach
Fine sandy beach, palm trees rustling in the wind, wonderfully clear water for wonderful diving and snorkeling trips: Tiwi Beach is quieter than Diani Beach, but no less beautiful. Small and medium-sized hotels, small beach bars and lots of relaxation and recreation await you here in a small paradise.

8. Fancy highlights
Have you already experienced the classics in Kenya and want to know what else you can experience in Kenya? Book a horse safari, experience Kenya on a mountain bike, experience Kenya’s rainforests up close on a trekking tour or enjoy a star-worthy menu under an unforgettable starry sky in your safari camp. Or enjoy a sundowner at the fiery red sunset in the savannah on the shore of Lake Turkan or experience a private safari according to your wishes.

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